Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Oil & Gas Vacancy

Ok, kali ni ada lambakan (poyo je,hihi) kerja. Just nak gtau something:

-Aku tak terlibat atau kenal mana-mana orang di dalam company ni dan aku tak dibayar untuk wat sume ni. So kalo ade soalan pasal company di bawah, aku takleh nak jawab.

-Ada yang ada tarikh tutup, ada yang tidak ada, ada yang ntah-ntah dah tutup. Tapi hantar je la, mana tau kot dorang nak wat future reference.

-Hope jangan kedekut bagi info ni kat kawan-kawan yang mencari kerja. Rezeki tu tuhan tentukan, moga kita semua beroleh rezeki yang banyak.

-Kalo korang dah anta resume pastu takde kene panggil interview, maknanya mungkin tak terpilih la tu. Boleh cuba next time kat tempat lain

1) Bayu Purnama Sdn Bhd

Bayu Purnama Sdn Bhd is actively involved in servicing Malaysian Oil & Gas and Petrochemical Industries. The company provides engineered solutions for meeting customer’s specific requirements.
Its business activities range from supply of rotating and mechanical static equipment to maintenance services, with a proven and demonstrable track record of completed projects and services throughout Malaysia.

Quality Officer / Executive
- Minimum Diploma in any fields.
- At least 2 to 3 years experience in implementation or any related activities of ISO.
- Able to work independently, self motivated, possess good analytical skills and high sense of responsibility.

Interested candidates are invited to email your resume to

2) Oceancare Corporation Sdn Bhd


Candidate must have relevant experience in Oil & Gas Industry. Only shortlisted candidates will be notified. Please e-mail to before 30 June 2013

3) Onyx IES Sdn. Bhd

Onyx IES Sdn. Bhd. (Onyx) is an Independent Wells and Subsurface Consultancy incorporated in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Well Services Engineer
• Bachelor's Degree in Engineering in Process/Petroleum/Mechanical or equivalent.
• Minimum 5 years oilfield experience in well servicing and/or drilling operations.
• Strong interpersonal skills
• Good command of spoken and written English.
• Good knowledge of computer applications.
• Prepare Mechanical Work packs for offshore installation and interface with operations for work pack completion and handover.
• Lead and facilitate Factory Acceptance Test (FAT) and Site Acceptance Test (SAT)

Send your resume to :


Saujana Marine Sdn Bhd, formerly known as CNN System (M) Sdn Bhd was incorporated in Malaysia under the Companies Act in 1994.
Ever since it started it's marine operation, the company has grown to become an integrated marine support services company for the Oil & Gas industry. Over the years, Saujana Marine has built it's human capital competencies, skills and experience to cover a wide range of marine support services, especially in operating and managing accommodation and offshore facilities.

Marine Crew Executive
To support in co-ordinating and liaising with manning agent for selection of officers and crew
To support in proper co-ordination of travel for on/off signing officers and crew
To support in the monitoring of crew rotation plans
To handle Safety Passport application for crew
To maintain crew database

Candidate must possess at least a Diploma in Maritime Studies/Business/Logistic
Required language(s): Bahasa Malaysia, English
At least 2 year(s) of working experience in related field
Familiar with immigration and marine department

email to

5) Shapadu

Procurement Executive (Oil & Gas)
Marine Coordinator
HSE Engineer

Send your resume to :

6) Sigur Ros Sdn Bhd

Providing construction and support services including pipeline and structure installation, pipeline pre-commissioning and decommissioning services and leak testing services to the oil and gas industry in South-East Asia and East Africa.

Field Engineer
-Candidate must possess at least a Bachelor's Degree, Post Graduate Diploma,
-Professional Degree, Engineering (Petroleum/Oil/Gas) or equivalent.
-Required language(s): Bahasa Malaysia, English
-At least 3 - 5 year(s) of working experience in the related field is required for this position.
-Preferably Engineers specializing in maintenance and corrosion or equivalent.

Interested please email full CV stating current & expected salary, contact number,
date availability for commencement if accepted to :

7) Nusantara Technologies Sdn Bhd

Being a service provider in the test and inspection field with extensive experience in the Oil & Gas industry, Nusatek, as we are usually known, can provide you with an extensive range of services for your Quality Assurance & Control needs

Metrology/Calibration Technician
-Diploma in Electrical/Electronic, Mechanical, Instrumentation Engineering or equivalent
-Non-diploma but having technical certification also welcome
-Experience in ISO 9000 and 17025 and other QA/QC systems is a bonus
-Computer literate especially in MS Word & Excel
-Fresh graduates or have experience in Metrology/Calibration

Submit your application letter and resume/CV to :

8) Dyna Segmen Sdn Bhd

Dyna Segmen Sdn Bhd is an engineering company, providing services and equipment to the Oil & Gas industry. Dyna Segmen Sdn Bhd provides engineering services including fabrication, maintenance & turnaround, and electrical & Instrumentation. The company also does work for the civil, power and water industries. Over the years, Dyna Segmen has grown to become an established contractor having served Oil Majors like PETRONAS, ExxonMobil and Shell.

- Degree in Mechanical or Electrical Engineering
- Entry level/ Fresh graduate

- Fit for site work – onshore and offshore
- Optimistic, resilient and perseveres through set-backs encountered
- Resourceful and able to solve problems, independently, while being a good team player

Apply online at their website or email your CV/Resume to :

9) KPG Synergy Sdn Bhd

KPG offers opportunity for you to embark on a career in the Oil & Gas Industry; specialising in Non-Destructive Testing, Inspection, Quality Control and Quality Assurance. Candidate must like to travel and work onsite.
Candidates must possess at least a credit in both Science and Mathematics at “O” Level, SPM or equivalent qualifications. Diploma and Degree holder are welcome to join us too.
- Training and Certification will be provided by KPG.
- Great remuneration for those who can perform to customer expectation.
- - Experience personnel are also welcomed to join us.
Please contact us for further information.

Email to :

10) JRI Resources Sdn.Bhd

Our main business is in Maritime and Shipping with greater focus on Oil & Gas. Presently, our businesses centered into the followings:

Project Engineer
-B.Sc in Engineering (Civil/Structural/Mechanical) or Naval Architecture
-3 years experience in the salvage, oil & gas or marine construction in a similar role
-fresh graduate are encouraged to apply.
-Have a working knowledge of steel design and construction particularly in offshore and marine environment.
-Have a working knowledge of marine and barge activities, their design, construction, and operation.
-Have contract execution management exposure.

Mechanical Engineer
-BSc in Engineering (Mechanical)
-5 years experience in the oil and gas industry in a similar role
-Fresh graduate are encouraged to apply.
-Have a working knowledge of steel design and construction particularly in offshore and marine environment.
-Have a working knowledge of offshore structures, marine vessel and barges activities, their design, construction, and operation.
-Have had contract execution management exposure.

Other positions in the company: Structural Engineer, Engineering Executive, QAQC Executive

Send your resume to :

11) Turbo Control Solutions (TCS)

Global provider of repairs, maintenance, operations, overhaul, installation and field services to owners and operators of turbomachinery, including industrial gas turbines,steam turbines, generators, pumps and compressors, and their associated control systems in the Power Generation and Oil & Gas industry

Field Service Engineer Controls
Electronic Engineer Degree or Technical High School.
-3 to 5 years related work experience in Oil & Gas industry field activities.
-Strong knowledge in rotating equipment control philosophy (Gas Turbine, Steam Turbine, Centrifugal Compressor, Reciprocate Compressor) and their auxiliaries.
-Strong knowledge in field devices, instruments and actuators (servo-valves, thermo elements, transmitters etc…).
-Strong knowledge in Unit Control Panel (UCP), Motor Control Center (MCC), Direct Current Panel (DCP) and fire-fighting system installation and commissioning.
-Ability to understand and implement technical drawings (wiring diagram, P&ID, General Arrangement, etc…).
-Strong analytic and problem solving skills.
-Good knowledge of either MKV, MKVI or MKVIe Control Panel.
-Anti-surge system knowledge.
-Availability to frequent travel worldwide on and off-shore.

Field Service Engineer Mechanical (Siemens Turbines)
-University degree in mechanical engineering or equivalent experience.
-3 to 5 years of working experience preferably in O&G industry/energy.
-Good experience with installation and maintenance programs for gas turbine & generator sets and all off-base related auxiliary equipment.
-Familiarity with gas turbine internal alignment, component repair and other related maintenance services.
-Strong analytic and problem solving capabilities
-Availability to frequent travel worldwide on and off-shore.

If you think you have what it takes, email us at:

12) Wehaya Sdn Bhd

With over two decades of experience, you can trust us to provide you with a wide range of expertise including mechanical, electrical, instrumentation installation and full system intergration. We are here to assist you with operations regardless where you are. While our main HQ is in Miri, we have offices in Bintulu, Labuan, Kota Kinabalu, Shah Alam, Terengganu and Brunei Darussalam.

List of vacancies (maybe Sarawak base)

Lab Technician, Production Technician, Power Gen Technician, Metering Technician, MUT Technician, E & I Technician, RE Technician, Catalogue Technician,
NON-TECHNICIAN Operation MATCO, Health & Safety Officer, Medics, Admin Assistant, Riggers/Helpers, Maintenance Material, Controller Repair Coordinator, Assistant Planner, DTU Maintenance Planner, GTC - LTSA Material Expeditor, Logistic Coordinator, Warehouse Assistant.

Send your resume to :

13) QOS Sdn Bhd

Leading provider of services to the Oil and Gas sector in Brunei and is currently recruiting additional personnel. Presently there are vacancies for suitably qualified Operations Management and Inspection personnel within Brunei.

Corrosion Technician
- Recognized technical Diploma (e.g. OND, etc) in Electrical, Mechanical or equivalent.
- 1 year formal training in electrical, corrosion and metallurgy.
- 2 years experience in corrosion monitoring and cathodic protection work in a petroleum / chemical plant.
- Familiar with CP, corrosion measurement tool and instruments to carry out Soil Resistivity tests, holiday test and close interval potential survey

Send your resume to :

14) Agensi Berjaya Sdn Bhd

Our clients portfolio include various local and multinational oil & gas companies.

Project Engineer
-Diploma/Degree in Electric/Mechanical/Mechatronics
-Have 1 to 3 years working experience
-Willing to travel to site
-Fresh Graduates are also welcomed to apply

Executive, Engineer/Assistant Engineer
-Diploma/Degree in Engineering/Science or related
-Have 1 to 2 years working experience
-Some computer knowledge
-Have some experience in project management
-Willing to travel if needed by the company
-Female applicant are encourage to apply
-Fresh Graduates are also welcomed to apply

Send your resume to :


* Ok, sudah habis. sila apply. aku sudah penat...

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Oil & Gas Asia (OGA) 2013

Cam biasa OGA datang lagi. Acara yang berlangsung setiap 2 tahun sekali ni berlangsung di KLCC dan disertai oleh banyak syarikat minyak dan gas terutama dari Malaysia dan juga dari luar negara untuk mempamerkan teknologi, peralatan dan perkhidmatan yang disediakan oleh mereka. Apa yang best?
Anyway, ini adalah OGA aku yang ke-3 sejak aku mula bekerja. Setiap kali OGA berlangsung, aku akan bekerja pada kampeni yang berlainan. Yela, asyik tukar kerja. Hihi. Koleksi kad nama OGA pun tah kenapa aku masih simpan lagi. Tapi kali ni aku dah buang sume.
Kali ni taktau la nak kata, rasa cam meriah gak. Tapi rasanya ada beberapa kampeni yang takde. Dulu atleast ada gak Shell dengan Gazprom bukak booth pameran walopun just letak pasal kereta eco-car ataupun letak model yang tak bape nak reti cakap omputih. Takpun ada gak rasenye sebelum ni Schlumberger bukak booth dan ada wat lucky draw.
Tapi tujuan aku jenjalan ni adalah untuk tengok bekas-bekas kampeni aku keje dulu, hihi. Ade je la dorang bukak booth pameran. Ada yang makin mengecil, ada yang maintain besar. Tapi disebabkan banyak gak kampeni aku keje dulu, ada pelbagai tanggapan juga terhadap bekas-bekas kampeni aku dulu ni. Ada yang aku memang nak pegi tanya kabar dan jumpa bekas-bekas pekerja, ada yang layan aku cam family dan masih rapat lagi, ada gak yang aku just nak tgk dari jauh sahaja sambil takde rasa nak singgah langsung. Tu sume bergantung pada sejarah dan layanan yang aku dapat dulu.
Tak dinafikan ada juga terjumpa ex-skolmet, ex-coursemet dan ramai juga ex-opismet/ex-kampenimet. Jumpa blogger pun ada gak, haha. Masing-masing dah bekerja dan bawak haluan masing-masing. Yang takleh blah, ada jumpa sorang ni (makcik,non-malay,admin) yang dulu kadang- kadang cam sombong sikit time aku keje dulu tapi time ni bila aku tegur dia baru la dia bagi bisnescard dia dan tanya ada tak peluang bekerja kat kampeni aku sekarang ni. Katanya kontrak dia dah nak abes, pastu siap cakap la dia leh wat macam-macam kerja la, tak kisah kerja apa la, masih kuat lagi la. Itu le, kita ni takleh nak sombong-sombong sangat dengan orang lain. Nanti pada masa depan,sape tau pe jadi.
Apa lagi yang menarik? Tah, yang menarik selain peralatan yang dipamerkan aku rasa ialah model yang dibayar. Boleh gitu? Disamping tu, peserta dan pelawat pompuan yang dress cam tak ingat pun membuatkan acara lagi meriah. Hihi. Tapi biasanya orang suka kumpul goodie bag ataupun promotional merchandise. Ada gak yang datang untuk drop resume, tapi kali ni aku tak bape perasan la kampeni mana yang terima resume ni. Sebenarnye ade gak rase nak hantar resume nak test market. Hoho.
Lawatan aku ke OGA 2013 pun berakhir, kita tunggu lagi 2 tahun dari sekarang untuk tengok apa yang terbaru.

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Pelangi Kehidupan: Gawai di Laut dan Luahan Hati

Walaupun tajuk dah macam drama cerekarama, tapi itulah hakikatnya. Projek seterusnya membawa aku ke sebuah jack up drilling rig yang berada di perairan Kelantan yang tah kat mana field kali ni. So haruslah terbang ke Kelantan dan bermalam di sana. Ok la dok hotel, nanti pasni kene dok tengah panas pulak sampai kulit cam nasi yang hangus dimasak. Tapi nampak cerah pulak aku kat hotel ni, time kasih pada teknik penggambaran yang keji tapi jitu.

Tibalah masa pergi ke drilling rig. Cam biasa, berkenalan dengan orang-orang group kampeni aku di atas sana tu coz aku maybe tak pernah or jarang jumpa dorang. Tapi group kali ni best. Kalo keje banyak dan memenatkan pun, takde masalah sangat coz masing-masing bagi komitmen dan hati kitorang pun senang dengan semua. Pastu nak mengumpat pun best gak, hihi.

Dan ketika atas drilling rig ni, Hari Gawai pun berlangsung. Hari Gawai ialah hari sambutan ataupun perayaan untuk masyarakat Dayak dari Sarawak dan sekitarnya. Walopun rig ni kat area semenanjung, majoriti rig crew dan catering/room adalah orang dayak/iban. Sebenarnya kat mana-mana drilling rig seluruh Malaysia ni memang banyak dan majoritinya adalah orang Iban. Jadi adalah dibuat makan-makan spesel sempena perayaan ni. Yela, cuba korang bayangkan korang beraya kat laut camtu la rasa dia. Jadi harap dengan adanya makan-makan spesel ni, terubat la sikit rasa sedih dorang tu. Aku ni menumpang makan je la,hihi. Yela, ada masak lobster kot. Kalo nak harapkan aku beli, memang kempis la dompet aku.

Time kat rig tu, sempat gak la aku berborak dengan beberapa orang samada dari group aku sendiri ataupun dari kampeni lain. Aku tanya apa planning dorang untuk masa depan, coz aku pun rasa cam aku malas-malas nak pegi offshore dah pada masa hadapan. Masing-masing memberi luahan yang agak berbeza tapi hampir sama. Ada yang nak cari keje lain yang kurang berat sikit dari ni, ada yang nak setel terus dari offshore sebelum umur 50 dan buat bisnes, ada yang nak cari kerja yang fleksibel waktunya, ada yang nak cari kerja darat yang ok.

Semua isi hati dorang ni aku akan ambil sebagai rujukan, sebab kadang-kadang kita pun perlu dengar pendapat atau pengalaman orang lain untuk membantu kita membuat keputusan. Tapi kata-kata nasihat daripada pakcik omputih ni yang aku rasa sedikit sebanyak menyedarkan aku. Umur dia dalam 62 tahun, dia start kerja offshore masa umur dia 24 kalo tak silap. So dengan pengalaman lebih daripada 30 tahun ni, memang patut aku amik kira nasihat dia.

Apa yang dia kata? Dia kata…
- Sometimes the company doesn’t really care about you
- You must push yourself forward, always push yourself and rise among others
- Never stop improving yourself
- Don’t get stuck with the same job, look for the best opportunity
- Never stop looking for other job if you don’t like your current job
- The best job is always hard to get, that’s why it is the best job

Daripada nasihat dia tu, banyak yang aku boleh jadikan panduan dan pendapat aku dalam meneruskan kerjaya sekarang. Sejujurnya aku pun tak tau kerja apa yang aku rasakan The Best Job untuk aku tapi yang pasti kerja sekarang ni ofkos la bukan. Hihi. Ingat nak minta kerja dengan dia, tapi bidang lari gak la. dia cakap dah umur camni, mana ada sangat dia wat kerja. Kerja dia bila orang tanya pendapat, dia jawab. Orang tanya itu, dia jawab. Gile mudah punya kerja, wah!

Merenung laut yang berhampiran ni, muncul la pelangi yang memanjang dari penjuru kiri ke penjuru kanan. Seperti mana ia kelihatan muncul dari laut, seperti itu jugak dia kelihatan masuk ke laut. Pelangi memang nampak cantik, tapi bila pergi dekat dia tak dapat dipegang. Malah hilang entah ke mana. Makin menjadi kabur dan samar-samar pelangi itu, dan seperti itulah aku yang masih mencari-cari pekerjaan yang terbaik. Nama company yang hebat dan gah tak menjanjikan pekerjaan yang terbaik untuk seseorang. Lain orang lain pula sifatnya, kekuatan, kemahuan, kesanggupan dan pilihan.

Trip aku kali ini tak lama, sebab dah habis drilling kat area sini. So drilling rig ni akan ditarik oleh kapal untuk ke lokasi baru. Jadi dapat la aku balik awal untuk rehatkan badan, dan juga untuk menyusun langkah…